‘Die Schöne Magelone’ door Cristina Garcia Martin

‘Being represented in different forms, lengths and by venues over the years “Die Schöne Magelone” by Cristina Garcia Martin is an ongoing project surrounding live-projected animations. The animations are compiled by mixed media, combining hand drawn illustrations, stop motion and digital imagery. They accompany Brahm’s 1860 composition of the same name: The Fair Magelone, a 19th-century love story and tale of medieval chivalry.

This project’s latest and longest representation to date will take place in the form of a concert at 92Y, a highly renowned cultural spot in New York. On stage, the 15 poems that Brahms fashioned into “romances” are presented by writer and publicist Adam Gopnik. The 15 songs are interwoven by the 15 poems and will be interpreted by well-known baritone Roderick Williams and pianist Julius Drake. The project is a crossover between classical music, animation, and scenography – a crossover that Cristina keeps expanding and exploring.’



92Y Lexington Avenue, New York



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Cristina Garcia Martin