(Nieuwaal, 1967)




Gummbah werd in 1967 geboren als “Gertjan van Leeuwen” .

Na een turbulente jeugd vatte hij de tekenpen op. En de rest is geschiedenis.


Now artist Gummbah is world famous and notorious in almost the entire Netherlands and Flanders as well, it has become time for the rest of the world to be introduced to his controversial  cartoons. They’ve all got in common that they made a lifestyle out of non-conformistic behaviour and they seem to only exist at the grace of the filthy edges of humanity.

About the Author
Gummbah (Nieuwaal, 1967) published his first comic God in 1994, distributing it himself. His talents were immediately recognised by Dutch publishing house De Harmonie, which started publishing his cartoons that same year. Gummbah’s name was established and since then his work has been published in HumoProspect,Titanic and Dutch quality daily de Volkskrant. His cartoon collections are best sellers and have been reprinted many times.